Pushkin, Eugene Onegin. A new translation by James E. Fallen. Oxford, 2009 only answer for chapter(Ch. 1, s. 31-60, pp. 18-31;) Due in 30 mins

Questions: 1. Briefly summarize the content of the assigned part (stanzas), including the events which are taking place in it; 2. Speak about your understanding of the epigraph, if any, and its importance for this part; 3. Name the protagonist(s) and other participants of this part. Describe their relations, if applicable. Be specific when you refer to their speeches and ideas expressed by them in this abstract; 4. Discuss the descriptions of nature, village (estate), St. Petersburg, if any; 5. Discuss the author’s ideas presented in this part; 6. Read aloud two most significant, in your opinion, abstracts from these stanzas. Elaborate on why they are important; 7. Speak about Pushkin’s poetic language, including on how it affected your understanding of this part; 8. Provide your conclusions and opinion on this part.


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