Proposal – it needs to be approve by instructor.

Topic/Thesis Proposal Remember, any information technology topic is fine! What do you find interesting in the information technology industry? Take a look at the Gartner link and other interesting links provided in the COURSE MATERIALS area in the CONTENT section for some ideas. Review IT-based literature. These websites will give you some thoughts regarding technology. Also, what are you experiencing in your day-to-day operation in technology? Note the following hot topics: Cloud computing Social networking Internet of Everything Mobile computing Cyber Security Network security Data security Data analysis Big Data Electronic Ware Wireless technologies Software technologies Privacy Computer collaboration Instructions: Keep in mind, you will NOT conduct an actual study in this course; however, you will in your Capstone course. You will use the paper in this course to gain a better understanding of the format and process involved in completing various components of your capstone paper! In this course you will complete the following for one comprehensive paper- : Topic Proposal – APA Exercise (Week 2) Introduction (Week 3) Literature Review (Week 5) Hypothesis and Research Design (Week 6) Abstract and Final Research Paper (rewrite) (Week 8)


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