prompt is in the files section, named “.docx” Each question (5 Questions )must be answered 2-3 paragraphs (1.5 pages double spaced)

I want a full clear honest originality report of the assignment that there is no plagiarism at all, I will not send funds if this is not done Please do not use any outside sources, sources only should be from the files I have attached. [Note: Disregard the part in question 4 where it states to cite “immigration nation” just use the citation “Brother, Im Dying”] The book screenshots are in the file sections Chapter 11 is images There are a couple of videos/podcasts to be seen and cited in the paper which I will post here: Sharika Crawford, “Decolonization and the Cold War through a Caribbean Lens,” The Legacy of Colonialism in Caribbean Tourism Stephanie Black, Life, and Debt; “Climate Change and Caribbean tourism”


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