project. In the instructions there are 10 questions that need to be answered based on the project ideas. Its basically a project plan.

1.Describe your goals for this memorial. 2.On what design profession(s) are you focusing? (communication design, product design, architecture, urban design, or landscape/environmental design? 3.Describe the background research you conducted to develop this memorial. Include sources. Address the following: A.Precedents: What existing memorials did you research? How did they influence your proposal? B. Statistics (contemporary): How has COVID impacted the underrepresented group for whom you are designing? Include statistics. C.Statistics (historic): How have other historic health crises impacted the underrepresented group for whom you are designing? Include statistics. D. Site Information: Provide background information on your site. Does it have a significant history? How does the location of the site impact your proposal? 5.Your memorial proposal is a critical social act. To that end, what is the social message in the memorial? How are you communicating that message? Why is your message important? 6.Is your memorial temporary or permanent? What led to that decision? 7.Does the community actively participate in the development of your proposal? If so, how? How does your proposal make a positive difference for people living or working near your site? In other words, how is your approach empowering people? 8.What are some other ways of interpreting your memorial proposal? Could it be misinterpreted? If so, how? 9.How do you hope that the memorial impacts your audience? 10.Did you experience any difficulties when developing your proposal? If so, please describe.


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