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You are a financial advisor. One of your clients tells you that she wants to invest $P (see assignments of P on “Random P” file). She wants to make the most money possible within 12 years. You must determine the best possible investment move that will benefit your client from the investment options. Using Microsoft excel, calculate the future value of $P invested for 12 years for each investment below. You should do your work for each problem in its own sheet. For problems 3-6, you must use the FV function in Excel. Here “type” should be set equal to 1 as these will be single lump sum investments made at the beginning of the first compounding period. Note that “Pmt” should be blank. Your investment options are below: 1 5% simple interest 2 3% simple interest for the first 6 years, 7% simple interest for the next 6 years 3 4% annual interest compounded monthly 4 4.325% annual interest compounded semiannually 5 4.25% annual interest compounded quarterly 6 4.5% annual interest compounded annually Answer the following question in its own sheet in a text box. You should have 7 sheets altogether. Please number your sheets corresponding to the balance you are finding in each problem. 7. Which investment option is the best for your client to take? (you can only recommend one) Please upload your work to Canvas when you are complete. You must upload a .xlsx file.


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