Preamble: Week 7 Lesson: The Executive Branch and The Bureaucratic System Lesson Activity: Discussion Topic Essay

Preamble: Week 7 Lesson: The Executive Branch and The Bureaucratic System Lesson Activity: Discussion Topic #7: Simulation ” Federal Disaster Assistance”; Due: March 16-18th, 2022 In this Lesson Activity you will need to be creative and identify the causes and effects of this ‘catastrophic event’ as well as reflect/react in your own critical thinking on how you can advice best your ‘President’ through public policy measurements and suggest the appropriate departments and agencies in need. Justification: Simulation: ” Federal Disaster Assistance”: Asteroid Collision with planet Earth Consider that an asteroid is colliding with planet Earth in three days. You are given the responsibility to organize a meeting with representatives and agencies of the federal government and present your findings to “Madam President”. Which departments and agencies would you contact? Provide reasons and further explain their role and why you think it is crucial to have them involved. Please Identify articles and resources to inspire you over the theme simulation DQ #7: ‘Collision of an asteroid with planet-Earth’ and post your qualitative research under the DQ #7 Topic Thread. Through this role playing simulation you will comprehend the value and the need to form public policy through our Bureaucratic System and Executive Branch in times of national emergency. Have a dialogue with your ‘peers’ through commentaries on strategy and implementation on this crisis. Tasks and Mission: Questions to consider: Which Departments from the Cabinet and Federal Agencies, Centers, Think Tanks should be involved in this event and advice our President? Why you are suggesting the above actors? I suggest you watch a movie or a show and do your own qualitative research gather your information and draft an outline or a summary. ‘Final Target: Planet Earth’ (Links to an external site.) The goal here is to learn the role and the purpose of the Departments of the Cabinet as well as the Agencies plus certain Scientific Institutes/Think Tanks and utilize them in this simulation. Identify the Causes and Effects of this catastrophic event in our planet and think yourselves as the U.S. President advisors. Use your critical thinking and propose solutions how to overcome this catastrophic event. Post 2 commentaries through ‘peer evaluations’ 250-300 words each. Executive Summary/Outline 1-2 pgs. Suggested Research Guidelines: Part II: Institutions of Government (Ch. 6-Ch. 9) Supplemental Links Week 6 and Week 7 USA gov: The U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal(Links to an external site.) The Cabinet (Links to an external site.) Watch the Skies (Links to an external site.) Submission Format: Remember to follow the Chicago or APA style format executive summary, 1-2 pgs or 500-600 words. Please use in-text citation and Links of Research Week 6-7-8 and Pages Tab: APA/Chicago Citation Information Please utilize your textbook to research the appropriate departments and agencies and refer to the Links in the prompt and Module. Grade Rubric: Individual Outline or Summary 1-2 pgs or 500-600words plus another page with resources= 5 points.


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