post, answer the questions provided in the instructions. I attached the reading thats needed for this discussion board post

Read the following in your textbook: “Even Anthropologists Get Culture Shock” by Conrad Kottak (pp. 103-105). In complete sentences and with depth and detail, answer the following: 1.Identify two specific sentences that you feel taught you the most about descriptive writing. -Write each sentence with quotation marks around each and with an in-text citation after each quotation for proper citation to avoid plagiarism. -Under each of the quoted sentences from Kottak’s essay, explain what the sentence taught you about descriptive writing. Also, explain exactly what you can do with this understanding by applying it to your essay. 2.Post one paragraph from your narrative essay by expanding fully on an aspect of the planning template (Week 1 Assignment). Then, address to the following: -What descriptive sensory words have you used here (specific colors, shapes, motion, patterns, sound, smell, touch, taste)? -List at least 4 additional descriptive words you will add to the paragraph for your final draft due this week – words that represent specific colors, shapes, motion, patterns, sound, smell, touch, and taste.


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