POLLUTOIN OF THE BEACH IN KUWAIT AND THE CLEANING BEACH MACHINE) i want only to search about the [ Realistic External Constraints ]: 1- Economical 2- Sustainable 3- Health and Safety 4- Manufacturability

these are examples of realistic constraints; 1 This project can’t hurt any regular citizen in light of utilizing low present and voltage equipment so an altogether low measure of electrical harms to the clients. 2- This project cost depends on materials and equipment required for it. 3- The project should not have a large surface area of about 2 m7. This project function can be used in all areas, objects, environments with ease of use for different ages, floors, social levels, etc… 5- The materials that will be used in this project are easily manufactured and supplied (bearing, pulley, belt, motor, blades). 6- With internationally approved and supplied materials, no conflicts must have within political factors. 7- This project is used to decrease the waste, so it’s not release any environmental pollutants. –i upladed an example about the way how to write them


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