Please be aware in case of plagiarism; the assignment will be CANCEL! Please follow the

Please be aware in case of plagiarism; the assignment will be CANCEL! Please follow the assignment instructions carefully. Instructions: You will watch a short clip from the film “Precious”, which will form the basis of the “incident” for this assignment. The clip takes place in Scenes 6 and 7 of the film. Assume that the classroom in this clip is actually a classroom at the group home where we work; the youth who live in the group home also attend class at the group home. That is, the youth in this clip all live in our group home and attend class together. For our purposes, Precious is new to our group home and the classroom. For this assignment, assume that, in addition to the classroom teacher who is shown in the clip, you, the CYCP, also work in this classroom and are at the back of the class during the incident Here you can find the movie link for free: You can begin watching at 25:10 for context. Precious is new to the school in the film and, for our purpose, she is new to our group home and this classroom. Our actual scene/incident begins at 27:30, when she enters the class. It ends at 35:25 for our purposes. There are 2 parts to the clip, broken up by a scene where Precious walks along the sidewalk and narrates thoughts in her head. For our purposes, we will ignore the walk along the sidewalk and just assume that the two scenes in the classroom all took place in one, extended moment. The clips start with Precious feeling nervous to enter the classroom and interacting with the teacher in the hallway. You can watch this part; however, for our assignment, the “scene” begins when she actually enters the class. The first part of our “scene” is when the classmates are introducing themselves to one another. Our scene then continues through the part where each youth is writing a letter of the alphabet on the board, and concludes after the physically aggressive interaction. At that point, once the teacher has intervened in the scene, assume that you were also involved in intervening and that you removed Precious from the class to speak to her. For your “Action Taken” section of the Incident Report form, you will document what your action was with Precious after the incident, as well as any further follow-up you took (i.e., you will make this up). Additional Instructions: • Please use the “Incident Report” form attached below • The report should be done in full sentence/paragraph form where applicable. • Your intervention, and your write-up, must be relational, strength-based, and anti-oppressive. • There will be some information you will need to make-up for this assignment, such as names of supervisors, the action you took to intervene,…this is ok! • Grading for each section is noted in bold. • Please remember that spelling, grammar, and professional style . There is addiction material attached below to help in completing the assignment


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