photograph of a design work that is controversial because of its racial content. This work could be a communication, a product, a work of architecture, urban design, or a landscape. Then address the following questions: What is it about this design work that makes it controversial? How do one or more of the concepts discussed in the materials for this week apply to your argument about the controversial nature of this design work? Be certain to cite the source(s) you are using.

Use the following format to answer the question : 1.State : Clearly articulate your main point or position 2.Elaborate : Expand on your main point. You could start this section with: “In other words,” 3.Exemplify : Provide an example of your point. Infer: State your conclusion by reasoning from the evidence. 4. Think deeper : Ask a question that prompts others to consider this issue in a deeper way. Answer each question using this format ^


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