parent of a child

One of the tenets of Culturally Relevant Mathematics Teaching is that of relationships and trust. For this assignment you will be asked to interview a parent/caregiver who has at least one child in grades 6-12. The goal of this interview is for you to gain insight and understanding on the goals and beliefs that parents have in regards to their children’s achievement in mathematics. This practice is of utmost importance as you prepare to have your own classroom spaces in which you will have contact with parents and families about their child’s mathematics learning experiences in your classroom. Here are five interview questions for you to raise to the parents: (1) What do you think are important things your child will learn in mathematics class this year? (2) How do you think people learn math? How does your child learn best? (3) What is your opinion on the use of technology in mathematics classrooms (calculators, online math games, digital learning platforms)? (4) What is your opinion of students working together on a math problem, assignment or assessment? (5) What math do you think your child needs in order to have access to the community role or career or college that they may desire? ***Feel free to add additional questions as well. Summary After completing the interview, discuss the following: (1) How are parents’ views aligned with or in contrast to how you would teach math? (2) Take one issue for which the parent had a different view. Describe two to three strategies you would use to avoid or address a possible conflict. You will turn in both the interview questions and responses along with your summary/reflection.


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