paper: Report (any type)/Brief report Discipline: Tourism Paper format: MLA /Double

Destination: Tangier Morocco For your Cultural Destination Trip Project, complete the following assignment. minimum 230 words 1- Explain the destination’s target audience(s) based on Tourist Mindsets (Allo-, Mid-, Psycho-centric) 2- Explain the destination’s target audience(s) based on 5 Tourist Typologies 3- Identify whether travelers are mass tourists, generalized CHT tourists, or specialized tourists 4- Explain Traveler Behaviors regarding targeted traveler markets — Strangeness v. Familiarity or Environmental Bubble 5- Identify who will be traveling with you on your Cultural Destination Trip and classify yourself and them as travelers Ps. The paper should be like an essay talking about Tangier moroccoTypes ­(250 words)


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