paper reflecting on your experience and applying positive youth development principles to your letter/experience.

Here is how the paper is expected to be written: Your introduction paragraph should address who you wrote the letter to and why. You should elaborate on the reasons why you choose the person you did by connecting what they did for you to positive youth development principles/topics. You do not have to go into specific details about what you wrote in your letter unless you want to. You may want to consider the following questions for this section of your paper: How did the person help to promote your positive youth development? Did they help you to enhance developmental assets? How? Did they promote you to join any youth organizations? Which ones and why? Did they enhance your protective factors? Which ones? Did they teach you ways to utilize positive youth development in your future careers? How so? Did they provide a nurturing environment for you? In what ways? Did they positively influence your development in general (i.e., look back at the course materials on family influences, peer influences, and neighborhood/community influences)? Next, you should reflect on the letter writing process. How did it feel to look back on your life and acknowledge those individuals who had positive effects on your life? Did you find it easy or difficult to choose who you wrote the letter to? How did you feel when you wrote the letter? Now, you should reflect on reading the letter to the individual you chose. How did you feel when you read the letter to the person you chose? How did the individual react to the letter? How did you react to their reaction? Lastly, you should summarize your major takeaways from this assignment. How was the overall process for you? Did this activity help you to connect positive youth development principles and theories to your own life? What was the main thing you learned from this assignment? 2-3 pages long 12-point Times New Roman Font Double-spaced


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