paper About the cold war and its impact on US and its residents 7-10 pages please read through before you bid a rough draft is also needed

our paper must include an introductory paragraph, which provides the background material on your topic: who, what, when, and where. Your second paragraph must include the problems you are addressing, your methodology (sources you use and how you have constructed the paper), and lastly and most important, a thesis statement. Throughout the remainder of your paper, you will use the information you gathered over the course of your research to prove your thesis. You must include several direct quotes from the primary sources within your paper. Each paragraph, except for your first two paragraphs and the conclusion, should include at least two pieces of evidence, which are the direct quotes from your primary sources. Finally, at the end of your paper, you must summarize your main points in a conclusion, which reasserts your original thesis. required two primary sources and three secondary sources (one secondary source must be a book published by a university, one must be an article from an academic journal and only one can be an online source) in your investigation. Your paper must strictly adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) Also, your paper must include a separate title page, employ properly formatted Chicago Manual of Style endnotes, and include a properly formatted Chicago Manual of Style Bibliography page, which must be separated by primary and secondary sources sample of the how the paper look like is attached below


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