operation management quiz 2 tasks

First task: Please answer 15 out of the following 20 questions. Each question is worth 6 points. Define Supply Chain Management Explain the Factor Endowment Theory Who was Adam Smith? What is the Theory of Competitive advantage? What is an Export Trading Company? What is a Bill Of Lading? Explain the role of an agent in direct and indirect exporting. What is an Incoterm? Explain the following statement according to Incoterms 2010: “Purchase price EXW Factory Lexington, KY…….. US$2,500,000.00” Explain the following statement according to Incoterms 2010: “Purchase price CIF Lima, Peru……US$300,000.00” What is the difference between FAS and FOB in Incoterms? Mention five key details in a Contract What is a Letter of Credit? What is a Joint Venture? What is the difference between a License and a Franchise? Mention 5 key elements in a Bill of Lading (Ocean). Why is the Bretton Woods Conference important? What is a WTO? Explain Vernon’s International Product Life Cycle Theory? Explain three advantages and three disadvantages of opening a distributor in a foreign country (be creative). Second task is attached!!!! complete it. The following topics are not shown on the attachment but you have to do those ones as well!!! Import Clearance Pay Duty Pay Inland Freight


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