once suggested that his purpose in a story like “Hills Like White Elephants” is to tell the reader as little as possible directly yet to reveal characters’ motives and their conflict. In your first written assignment, you discovered this way of writing was Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory. A story is being described by a narrator and a conversation is being exchanged between the two main protagonists.

In this discussion assignment: (1) Identify the two main protagonists: who are they? And using only three key words for each, describe each protagonist (their character, their motive, their conflict, their comportment): what three words would you choose to describe each protagonist. (2) Identify the narrator of this short story, using the lecture notes from this week: Who is the narrator? How much does the narrator know? Is the narrator a protagonist in the story, or telling the story from the outside looking in? After you have identified the narrator, then choose three key words you would use to describe the teller of this tale? (3) Respond to the professor’s queries. If I post questions to you, they are to guide you further as well as help you to complete the assignment in full. The challenge of this discussion: you may not choose any key word that a fellow student has already chosen and posted in this discussion board. Your key words must be unique in order to receive credit for this assignment. Reminder: Write in your own words. Copying and pasting and the use of thesaurus software is a form of plagiarism. (SIDE NOTE): will tip extra if the work I received is well done and on time .


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