multicultural background and an educational emphasis in intercultural communication, “how and where does culture fit into all this? Unfortunately, chapters six’s overview of sexual content in the media doesn’t ask that question. As the citations and statistics demonstrate, a bulk of the research comes from the US and UK, offering an unnecessarily constrained standpoint on the issue. But having grown up watching film and television shows from territories outside of these regions, I often view depictions of sexual content differently than most Americans. Another cultural aspect is age, with one survey showing 96% of young adults, and 90% of teens are either encouraging, accepting, or neutral when they talk about porn with their friends. (Only 43% of teens believe porn is bad for society, compared to 31% of young adults 18-24, 51% of Millennials, 44% Gen-Xers, and 59% of Boomers, yes the research was done in the US.) For this week’s discussion, I’d like

1) How is obscenity (erotic material that transcends the boundaries of decency) defined there? 2) Who or what agency was responsible for the definition? Who is responsible for enforcement of sale, possession, etc? 3) What specific regulations exist? 4) Have any important studies been conducted on erotic media in the country? If so, what research question was asked, what were the findings? 5) What is the general attitude toward erotic material? 6) What are some of the beliefs toward the consumption erotic material? (think trigger hypothesis and safety value theory) 7) What types of erotic material are considered socially taboo? Please post in essay form, three paragraphs, along with a student response. For the sake of convenience, everyone doesn’t have to pick an individual country, but if someone has covered it, be sure to contribute some new insights.


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