MSN discussion post. Respond to this post using scholarly articles and use this book: McCance, K.L. Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults

CASE PRESENTATION: L.C., a 74-year-old male with a 50 pack-year history of smoking reports he has a cough every day with blood streaked sputum and “a little wheeze.” This has been worsening over the past few months. His younger brother recently died of lung cancer, although the patient relates “My brother only smoked a few years when he was in the military.” Based on this scenario, answer the questions in this assignment. 1. Discuss or compare/contrast the pathophysiology associated with COPD and/or lung cancer and how they relate to the above scenario. 2. Discuss how lifestyle and/or habits (smoking and other carcinogens, etc…) relate to COPD and/or lung cancer. Select an offending lifestyle practice or habit to elaborate on.


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