most of your generation live to age 100? why or why not? if you live to age 100 or beyond, what type of life do you envision? What financial resources (retirement income) will you need to fund a long life and how do you plan to accomplish resources to attain financial security? How will your current profession and career evolve during this long period of time and how can you manage it better?

Answer the following questions with a minimum of two pages. I am a finance student looking forward to becoming a financial analyst. Some financial resources are stocks and real estate rental income. Some useful links: Are you ready to live to age 100? London Business School professor Lynda Gratton believes living longer requires individuals and corporations to change their approach to careers, life transitions, and retirement. 100 100 Year Life Video and Challange The Odds on Needing Long-Term Care: Retirement columnist Glenn Ruffenach also answers a question about how much risk to take with investments in retirement care11559836590?mod=hp_jr_pos1 Stanford Center on Longevity, LIFE PLANNING IN THE AGE OF LONGEVITY Planning-Boomers.pdf


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