minimum response for each statements listed there are 2.

1.Case management work has a beginning and end. Case managers (in prison or mental health) and clients will have formed a working relationship over time and so the end of working with a client can be a delicate situation and should be conducted with care. Discuss the different ways that client services can end. 2.While reviewing Marias case. One SMART goal she needs to have set up is to get her health insurance set up. In order for her to get the mental health services she needs she has to have health insurance another SMART goal for her would be to take the pre-GED test to get set up for her main test. I feel like in her case depending how quick her goals are reached she could have multiple goals. One being working on housing applications and jobs. As long as Maria has the help, she needs from her case worker these goals should be met. She could possibly fail her test and have to take classes before her next test which could take a longer time to receive the end goal. Her healthcare could be paused if the proper paperwork is not turned in. Even though she does not want the medication having bipolar is serious and could alter one’s decision making so she still needs some type of mental health service and counseling to aid her through getting better.


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