mgt311 assiginment

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Weight 10 Marks

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Learning Outcomes
To understand different perspectives and concepts in setting up a plant location in different business situations. (CLO 3.1)
Draw backs which could be faced by the company in case of selection of improper location. (CLO 2.2)
Exhibit effective leadership skills and teamwork capacity in making decisions and re
Location. (CLO 3.1)

Plant location or the facilities location problem is an important strategic level decision-making for an organization. One of the key features of a conversion process (manufacturing system) is the efficiency with which the products (services) are transferred to the customers. This fact will include the determination of where to place the plant or facility. The selection of location is a key-decision as large investment is made in building plant and machinery. It is not advisable or not possible to change the location very often. So, an improper location of plant may lead to waste of all the investments made in building and machinery, equipment. Before a location for a plant is selected, long range forecasts should be made anticipating future needs of the company. The plant location should be based on the company’s expansion plan and policy, diversification plan for the products, changing market conditions, the changing sources of raw materials and many other factors that influence the choice of the location decision. The purpose of the location study is to find an optimum location one that will result in the greatest advantage to the organization.
The need for selecting a suitable location arises because of three situations.
I. When starting a new organization, i.e., location choice for the first time. (3 Marks)
II. In case of existing organization.(3 Marks)
III. In case of Global Location.(4 Marks)
Q. What considerations would you keep in mind in the above three situations so far as the decision of selection of plant location is concerned?
Note: you must give 3 answers separately.


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