Managing Urban Natures POLITICAL ECOLOGY FRAMEWORK (4 pages 1.5 spacing) examine Toronto Dorset Park’s proximity and connection to the Meadoway. To balance this, explore the need for assurance that the community can make use of the space but also without any interference with its role as a natural region and corridor within the urban environment. When a location is both a human meeting point and a natural one, needs must be balanced between various local forces, and the extent to which non-local people may interact and visit must be considered and weighed.

POLITICAL ECOLOGY FRAMEWORK For this section you should draw on the frameworks we explored in class to assist your analysis. You can refer directly to relevant scholarly sources in your discussion. For instance, are there (or have there been) development pressures on the site or limits to access? Who are the major actors in the conflict? Is it negatively affected by surrounding processes of urbanization, such as impacts on water quality, pollution from major transit routes, condo development urban detritus, over use or unsanctioned uses (such as sites for the homeless)? Does it contribute to or detract from issues of environmental justice – either by promoting environmental gentrification, or limiting access of underrepresented groups? Do conflicts arise in the management of competing uses and how are they resolved or do they remain unresolved? (e.g. Leslie Street Spit functions simultaneously as a dump site, recreational area and wildlife sanctuary). With the political ecology framework, you will be able to identify and discuss some of the competing uses of the site (and possibly how they are being managed or might be managed). The conclusions you arrive at in this section may or may not converge with those arrived at through an ecosystem services framework or an Indigenous framework.


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