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Course Learning Outcomes-Covered
L.O 1.3: Define the different Knowledge types and explain how they are addressed by knowledge management in different business environments.
L.O 2.1: Demonstrate effective knowledge management skills to utilize knowledge management tools for the benefits of the organization.
L.O 2.2: Identify and analyze role of communities of practice in knowledge management and the challenges and issues pertaining to community of practice.
The focus of the assignment is to evaluate the understanding level of students related to communities of Practice, learning organization, and various techniques used to capture tacit and explicit knowledge.
Assignment Questions
Explain in detail the Wiig’s Knowledge management model. How is the Wiig KM model related to the Nonaka and Takeuchi model? In what important ways do they differ? (2.5 Marks)400-500 words.
How do public, private, and shared knowledge differ? What are the implications of managing these different types of knowledge according to the Wiig KM model? Also discuss the four types of knowledge defined by K. Wiig in his Knowledge management model. (2.5 Marks)250 – 350 Words.
Explain in detail various “Tacit Knowledge” capturing methods used by the organizations. (1.5 Marks) 250 – 350 Words.
Discuss the Strategic Implications of Knowledge Capture and Codification. (1.5 Mark) 150-250 Words.
Discuss the role of communities of practice in knowledge management? How can organizations cultivate communities of practice? (2 Marks) 300 – 400 words.

Note: Each part in Q1 and Q2 must be at-least supported by two peer reviewed journal references.


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