Literature review on Career counseling for elementary and middle schoolers, including kids with learning and cognitive disabilities. 4 to 5 pages

CONDUCT A LITERATURE REVIEW, using a minimum of 8 resources (e.g. articles, books, websites, etc.) published within the last five years) Articles are provided already, if you want to use a different one feel free to. do it but remember it needs to be from the last 5 years. APA format ir REQUIRED!!! Minimum of 8 references, you can use a maximum of 2 websites (include which is going to be the center that I interviewed. (do not worry about that part, I already have it). I only need to append information and the importance of career counseling in the early ages of development. From these files attached only cover the important aspects about career counseling in kids and adolescents (also kids with learning and developmental disabilities) and conclusions.


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