Labour Geographies Work Experience Essay 8 pages double space. Times. 12 point font. (Approximately 2,500 words). APA style referencing.

Essay guidelines This is a research essay. Your paper should incorporate at least 6-7 academic sources Paper may include subtitles if helpful to organize topic but should be in essay style. Bibliography should include only sources cited in text Essay should begin with statement of problem and outline of how the argument will be organized. Your introduction should include an explicit statement of your argument. Paper must focus on the relationship between labour and space Be sure to focus your analysis on one or two of the concepts that best fit with your work situation. The aim is to describe your experiences (in the first person) and the extent to which they correspond (or not!) to the concepts and theories we have been discussing. Your essay can be framed as a narrative, but be sure to make an argument about how academic concepts and theories help us to understand the nature of employment. You may also want to identify gaps or weaknesses in the ability of these theories to conceptualize aspects of your job. If you have not had a paid job, you could talk about an unpaid job you have done (i.e. housework or volunteer work). You should reference lecture material and course readings, as well as additional relevant readings. Be sure to mention spatial aspects of your employment experience, such as the location of work or the design or layout of your work station/office/factory. (You can also include a map of your workplace if you want).


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