IT Architecture Concepts

1. Write an essay to answer these questions:
What are the differences between the four typical security models defined by the US Government (i.e., Dedicated Mode, System High Mode, Compartmental Mode, and Multilevel Mode) and why are they relevant to information security?
How do these models affect the management of processes, thread, input/outputs, and memory?
2. Write an essay to answer these questions:
What are some advantages and disadvantages of SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL database types?
In what situations would you choose one over another? Ensure you provide at least one example when you would use each SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL.
Your essay should be written in paragraphs, 300-400 words in total length for each question.
Bullet points may be used for lists introduced by the paragraphs.
Include at least 3 references to Module 4’s resources: textbook, readings, videos.
Submit two word document for each answer


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