is to write about a Federal-State relationship. Analyze the extent to which the two governments work together to address a common public problem in AZ.

Assignment Format Headers/Sections: Use headers or section heads in your work. This will help to clearly show that you are answering each portion. Summary: A paragraph summarizing your analysis. The section should begin by stating whether or not your specific IGR case has “effectively” addressed a cross-border/cross jurisdictional policy goal or challenge. The remaining one or two sentences should briefly summarize Example: The (fictional) PC Partnership, an (inter-state) initiative between Arizona, and Utah has failed to protect the shrinking habitat of the endangered Purple Spotted Cow. Problems allocating state funding to the initiative, especially from Utah, as well as the lack of political support from the Arizona governor eventually led to the decline of the program. Analysis: This section should follow the same format discussed in the Module 2 videos. Framework components include (1) public purpose, (2) authority [including which governments are involved], (3) power [budgets and regulation], (4) political context, (5) capacity, and (6) other contextual issues. You should use evidence taken from recent news articles and reports to explain how each framework element shows that your IGR case is effective or ineffective. NOTE: You may find that evidence is mixed. This means that some articles may portray your example as effective while others show the opposite. It is up to you to weigh (analyze) the evidence, talk about both sides, and make a conclusion. Example: the PC Partnership (introduced above) has not received adequate funding from Utah or support from the AZ governor, but it has scientists involved who have an excellent understanding of purple spotted cow habitat (capacity part of your framework). Recommendations: This final section should provide a few sentences that introduce plausible recommendations to strengthen the impact of the intergovernmental relationships discussed in your case. NOTE: “Plausible” means that your recommendations must be reasonable. For example, while funding may be discussed, governments are unlikely to double or triple budgets to save the Purple Spotted Cow (even if it existed). References: Please use endnotes to cite the sources of your evidence. Endnotes should provide article title, publication, and an active web link (authors are not required). For interviews, provide your interviewees last name. Endnotes allow you to preserve space for writing. EXAMPLE ATTACHED


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