is not soliciting a short answer response. Each question should be 150 words and don’t worry so much on quantity focus more on content.

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. In your discussion provide a brief explanation of what ‘taker” and “leaver” cultures are, what makes them different from one another, and how do they relate to contemporary cultural forms of human organization and the source of social problems? 2. Why is it important that both types of society continue to exist? 3. Quinn discusses the concept of “cultural myths” or ideologies which human cultures have developed to validate belief systems and activities. Briefly describe one contemporary ‘myth’ utilized by humans today to justify their actions despite the consequences/social problems created and affecting others—typically the less powerful. Use one of the standard theoretical frames (e.g. symbolic interaction, Conflict theory, Functionalism) to contextualize and describe and discuss the selected myth. Who benefits from the myth? Who does not benefit? 4. In addition students must also briefly discuss the meaning of one of the following parables from the Ismael book: The Jellyfish Story The Story of the Law of Aerodynamics The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil


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