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1. What is this chapter about? 2. Why would this lesson be important for you in your paper? 3. You can “plant a naysayer” as one or more main points. Consider the following outline for a sample student’s paper? Thesis: Environmental disasters often negatively affect people of color in more severe ways because racism is imbedded in governmental structures designed to help some but not all people. I. Because race is a factor in poverty, people of color are more vulnerable to environmental racism. II. Some critics argue that environmental racism was a real concern in the past but not any longer. Even though there has been some progress, environmental racism is still a major problem. III. Indigenous groups and groups led by people of color are on the forefront of enviornmentalism because they understand how to imagine solutions that benefit everyone equally. One of the main points above is dedicated entirely to planting a naysayer. Which one? 4. In addition to planting a naysayer as a whole main point, it is possible to plant a naysayer in just one whole paragraph or even one or two sentences. Wherever you choose to plant a naysayer you must include two necessary parts. What are they? This is discussed on pages 86-88. 5. Below is an example of someone who planted a naysayer but did not do well. What did the writer do wrong? White people do not understand police brutality at all. They think that people of color all deserve to get beat up because they are inferior, but in reality people of color are not inferior. Racism should not be tolerated; therefore, police brutality must end.


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