is cosmetic surgery and need to have pros and cons. formatting needs to be MLA HERE IS WHAT IS A MINI DRAFT Jada wells Prof. Soullier English 1301. 6222 27 February 22 Cosmetic Surgery For many years cosmetics surgery has been popular and still is today. Many females and males are paying for cosmetics surgery with not knowing the side effects of the procedures. Most deaths are caused when people don’t take the proper steps when having the procedure done like checking their health before. In my research, I will explore the pros and cons on getting on a Brazilian Butt Lift. My Primary research question is: How safe is a Brazilian Butt lift and what are the risks? My secondary research questions are? • How much scarring will there be? • How long do the fat stay? • What steps do I need to take in order to get ready for the procedure? • If I lose my butt if I lose lots of weight? • Do I need to eat healthy after the procedure?

This assignment was locked Mar 13 at 11:59pm. Word count is the name of the game, here. If the document you submit reaches 1000 or more words, then you’ll get full credit for the assignment. If it doesn’t, you won’t get any credit. This assignment is intended to build directly off of the other work you’ve already done in preparing to write the Final Research Essay. I will encourage you to be keeping some kind of notes to yourself as you work, in terms of citation. You don’t have to have complete in-text citation yet, but you’ll thank yourself later if you include which source you’re using when you use it. Putting notes like (Source 1) or (McMillan source) is fine. Or you can go ahead and do the whole MLA in-text citation, if you prefer. Since this is a working draft, feel free to stop at certain points and make notes to yourself. Skipping around in the order of things is perfectly fine, too. Just put something like “insert more research about population changes here” and keep rolling. It helps if these notes are a different color, font, or size than the rest of the draft, just so you don’t get confused. I am not concerned about a developed draft yet, but some things I expect to see: MLA Format No more than 20% outside sources to ensure the draft is not comitting academic dishonesty. Basic understanding of what we have learned so far in the course Understanding of the Final Project Requirements (remember, you don’t want to totally rewrite this because you did not view these beforehand)


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