Interview questions

i am doin a homework for a class before graduation. I need to interview professionals in the advertising field but I couldn’t find any. I need to have some answers on the questions as:( choose three of these )
Graphic Designer
Social Media Advertising Manager
Promotion Maneger
Digital media planner
Events Manager

I need three interviews, every interview with a different job title.
Here’s the questions:
1- When did you start to work on advertising?
2- What did you study before getting into this career?
3- Was it hard for you to get into it?
4- Did you get a diploma or a degree in advertising? What was the title of your dissertation?
5- Did you need any experiences to get into this job? If yes how many experience years did you need to start applying for jobs in that field? And where did you gain them?
6- Did you have to take any courses or anything else before getting into this career? If yes, what were they and where did you take them from?
7- Is there anyone who helped you or inspired you to get into this career path? If yes, why and how did he/she help or inspire you?
8- Do you think that the future of advertising is going to change in the upcoming years? If yes, how do you see it changing in the upcoming years and what do you think about these changes and if no, why do you not see it changing in the future years and what do you think about it not changing in the future years.
9- What do you enjoy most about your job as an advertiser and why do enjoy doing it
10- What is the most crisi you have had and how was it dealt with?
11- what is the only one advice you would give to someone who’s willing to work in your position ?


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