interpret the output from SPSS that is presented below and write up your Results section and conclusions

There are several examples in the powerpoint of how to write up results of both bivariate correlations and t tests; try to use that same formatting in order to follow APA style to write up your results for this assignment. The link in the assignment also has more detail on APA style results.
Based on the assignment instructions and the rubric, I would say that you should write 3-4 sentences for each of the 5 analyses. This means about 5 short paragraphs total, but they are all following the same format, so it shouldn’t be too complicated.
I would have one sentence about the type of analysis used and the kind of research question it answers, then a sentence stating what the null hypothesis would be for that analysis. Then I would have a sentence stating the results in APA style, and lastly a sentence describing what the results mean in less formal language.
Here’s an example of what that might look like:
The analysis used was a bivariate correlation, which is answering a question about the association between two measured variables (hours of gaming and GPA). The null hypothesis is that there is no association between gaming and GPA. Results show that hours of gaming and GPA are significantly and negatively correlated, r(34) = -.42, p < .05. This indicates that more hours of gaming are associated with lower GPA.
( I attached the class powerpoint to show the examples and I also attached the instructions and rubric for the assignment)


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