INT301 DP 6 Finalizing the Research Question, Peer- Review

Selecting a topic for academic investigation.
Create an academically-based research proposal that demonstrates understanding of the nature of academic research, including accessing peer-reviewed sources, synthesizing literature, selecting a research topic/issue, and designing a small-scale project to study that research issue.
Finalizing a research question is a big part of proposal writing. And in doing that a researcher needs to consider relevant issues: Is the research even needed? What kind of data will I obtain? How do I justify using X type of data? All of this is more goes into that research topic. And these are things we touched on in our brainstorming sessions, especially the need for a research project. That one is always key because no one is going to give a grant or contract for research that has been done and answered.

In-text citations and a bibliography are needed, as always!
PART 1–your post:
You have already tackled research topics in Week 3. Some of us had already brainstormed before that post was due and came up with some great ideas. And others have chatted with me about their research topics. Hopefully, by now all of you have talked with me to get topics narrowed down to something that works for the research proposal instructions that you should have read by now (hint hint).
Here are the things you need to do for this post:
THIS POST REQUIRES YOU TO WRITE PROFESSIONALLY (for both your post and peer-reviews!) INCLUDING USING THOSE TERMS YOU ARE READING IN YOUR BOOKS AND ARTICLES! Bumping up your writing now will help you from here on out!!! So write with care and edit. And have fun–this is really a big advancement in your skill set so go for it.
1. Post your original research question/topic from Week 3. (I will attach it below)2. Post your refined research question. If you did not change it then just post the original question again. NOTE: a refined research question may be more specific in its goal or even simply rewording for clarity if that is needed.3. Explain why your topic did or did not require revision based on W


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