instructions below and answer questions. Use APA format and no plagiarism! use at least 800 words not including the reference. If assignment is not done how instructed I will have to cancel after giving you another chance to fix it. Please Use Reference I have attached!

Smart devices are ubiquitous these days. Just about everything you can imagine connects, or can connect, to the Internet of Things (IoT). Not only is this a security and privacy nightmare, but there are all kinds of ethical issues connected to the convenience of smart devices. For this paper, you need to analyze the deployment, use, and user education of five (5) smart devices. Note: you CANNOT discuss smart phones. Directions Technology ethics is mostly about how you interact with the people who use technology. For each IoT device educate a non-tech savvy user on the smart device. For each device explain how you would educate the user about each of these points: BRIEFLY Explain how it connects to the internet Explain the function and the benefit of its smart features. (Most users have a general idea of these, but you’ll need to be able to explain these functions and features in depth.) Educates the user about how a device is activated for use. Is the device always on, or does the user need to activate it each time s/he uses the device? Educations the user about the security and privacy risks that go along with the convenience of the device. Discuss which ethical framework from Chapter 1 you based your education method on. You must use three sources in addition to the textbook. You must include at least one ethical framework from Chapter 1 in the textbook. Your paper must be 800 – 1000 words excluding the abstract, title, and reference pages.


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