instructions below and answer questions. Use APA format and no plagiarism! use at least 400 words not including the reference. If assignment is not done how instructed I will have to cancel after giving you another chance to fix it. Please Use Reference I have attached!

Open source software is by definition free to use. The code is not copyrighted or trademarked. However, as technology services continue to change, Open Source must change, too. Directions: Read “Why the Future of Open Source Licensing is Changing.” Integrating the information from the video and the article, analyze licensing open-source software. Does licensing violate the premise of open-source software? How do the various types of licenses in the article fit in the open-source model? Is any type of licensing of open-source software ethical? Why or why not? Support your perspective with an ethical approach from Chapter 1. This paper must be 400 – 500 words long (the title page, abstract, and reference list aren’t included in the word count.) This must be in APA format. You must use at least one additional source for information in your paper in addition to the article and the textbook.


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