instructions below and answer questions. Use APA format and no plagiarism! use at least 100 words not including the reference. If assignment is not done how instructed I will have to cancel after giving you another chance to fix it. Please Use Reference I have attached!

Smart watches, FitBits, and other health tracking devices are relatively popular. Do research and discuss one type of wearable health device. What are the privacy and security issues? You must – Use one additional resource besides the textbook in your discussion. The textbook must always be a source in your discussions and assignments. The textbook is one of the learning activities. It isn’t there to be ignored. ALWAYS support your answer with an ethical framework from Chapter 1. You are welcome to use an additional source, but if you don’t reference the textbook, you will lose points. Your original post must be at least 100 words. If you include the question(s) in your post, those words will be subtracted from the total word count. Post must be written in APA format, with citations and references, and written using correct grammar and spelling.


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