In case of plagiarism, the assignment will be CANCEL! Follow the instructions carefully. Directions: Creatively

In case of plagiarism, the assignment will be CANCEL! Follow the instructions carefully. Directions: Creatively prepare a genogram of your own family including a minimum of three (3) generations. Date and title your genogram. Where applicable, maternal side of the family is on the right of the page, paternal side of the family is on the left. Highlight yourself in the genogram by putting a double line around the symbol you are using for yourself. You can use ages rather than dates of birth. Make sure to include peoples’ names. Include any information that you feel is necessary, useful, available, interesting, and/or helpful to you in learning about your family(s) and that can assist you in identifying patterns. Remember, patterns can be many things: interactional patterns, genetic traits like curly hair or eye colour, ethnicity, religion, spiritual practices, marriage, divorce, patterns of co-habitation, health, hobbies, work, immigration, where you live, personality traits, temperament, names, likes, dislikes, talents, abilities, personal strengths and characteristics, etc. What patterns have you been able to identify in the generations of your family? A pattern means something shows up in your genogram in each generation, and/or more than twice. Show a minimum of three patterns creatively on the genogram and list them in an index; you can do it YOUR way (colours, symbols, etc.). Answer the following questions once you have completed your genogram: You can present your genogram and answer the questions in many formats: You can write a paper (aprox. 3 pages in length), develop a slide show, or create a short video. Other ideas are welcome! Please describe your ethnicity, race, faith/spiritual practices and language(s) spoken. How is that different or the same for your family? What do you think about that? Do you identify as a settler or Indigenous to Canada or as someone who is living in Canada now, but whose family was involuntarily dislocated due to war, slavery, oppressive governments, etc.? If you are a settler or someone whose family was involuntarily dislocated, what generation of Canadian are you? What is the story of your ancestors coming to Canada? If you are Indigenous, where is the land of your ancestors? What is one story you know about your ancestors? What other family patterns have you identified on your genogram? Discuss two other patterns that have some meaning for you either as a triumph, a struggle or an interest. I have attached below material and rubric that will be helpful to complete the assignment.


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