In case of plagiarism and late delivery, the assignment will be CANCEL!! You are a

In case of plagiarism and late delivery, the assignment will be CANCEL!! You are a Child and Youth Care Practitioner in the Community and you have a connection to Derek’s school. You have been asked if you could please support Derek. This is what you have been told by the Principal, who is concerned about Derek: . Derek is 12 years old and is behind in school. His parents are divorced and his father recently moved far away and does not support the family. Derek lives with his mother and a younger sister in a small apartment in a community connected neighborhood in the City of Toronto. His mother works two jobs to make ends meet, and often works extra shifts late into the evening. Derek is the caregiver of his little sister at night and in the morning when his Mom works late. Derek’s teachers report that homework and projects are rarely done or completed on time, and that he often argues and raises his voice when asked about incomplete schoolwork. He tends to keep to himself in class. . You make two visits to Derek’s home, meeting his Mother both times, as well as his sister. You report back to the Principal that you are very optimistic about Derek’s ability. You believe his family has some resiliency to help them through tough times. Initially, the Principal wants to make sure you are not being overly optimistic and you therefore list some of the family risk factors. 1. Given the following definition, what Internal and external Risk Factors can you list for Derek? RISK FACTORS are: Conditions that deny or minimize opportunities and resources for a child an place him/her in jeopardy of failing to become a meaningful member of home, school, community . Internal (within the individual) .External (conditions in the environment) 2. Then you go on to describe for the Principal what you discovered on your home visits. Given the following definition of Protective factors, what did you discover were Derek’s Internal and External protective factors? ( use your imagination to think of possible protective factors and also refer back to the description you heard for some clues ). PROTECTIVE FACTORS are: Protective factors are buffers to help individuals find resources, supports, and strategies that help them function effectively, even under stress. Building protective factors is based in the idea that individuals, families, and communities have strengths. List Internal Protective Factors for Derek: (examples: Ability to take control, be proactive, make decisions, Take responsibility for decisions made, Understand and accept limitations and strengths, Goal directed and realistic, when to persevere and when to quit, Positive outlook ,Developed coping and stress reduction skills ) List External Protective Factors in Derek’s life (Caring relationships, Positive and high expectations, Opportunities for meaningful participation) 3. As the CYC working with this family, what else could you do to promote and ensure resiliency? Remember from the lecture: Children need three sources of resilience: . “I Have” – external supports such as relationships, structure, and role models . “I Am” – internal, personal strengths such as feelings and beliefs . “I Can” – social and interpersonal skills such as communicating and problem solving What might be some of the signs you saw that confirmed for you that Derek and his family have resilience?? ( what do resilient families have?) 4. You are working with Derek and you are helping him complete the sentences above. What can you imagine he would say to complete these sentence starters….I have, I am, I can?


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