In case of plagiarism and late delivery, the assignment will be CANCEL Read the scenario

In case of plagiarism and late delivery, the assignment will be CANCEL Read the scenario below and answer the six questions under the “ Considerations to discuss and answer” section. Child we work with at school, to support through the loss of his Dad: Carlos (age 6) Mom: Molly Big Brother Theo (soon to be 15) Two sisters: Ginny and Lily (twins, age 11) Carlos is in Grade one at Meadow Grove Junior School in Mrs. Damon’s class. He likes his teacher a lot. His closest friends are Paul, Vinny and Jahmal. After school every day, Carlos goes to day care at a local community centre; he and a few other students are picked up by Wendy, a worker at the day care. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Carlos attends soccer practice after Vinny’s Dad picks him and Vinny up from day care. His sisters also take ballet lessons at the community centre on Wednesdays. They are good friends of Jahmal’s sister, Jolene, who also goes to dance. The mothers take turns transporting the girls. Theo is also a great soccer player, and is a volunteer junior coach at the community centre, but for a different soccer team than the one Carlos plays for. Theo is excited that Carlos is playing soccer, and he encourages him to practice and do well. Sometimes on Saturdays, they will watch professional soccer on television together. Every Sunday, Molly, who is originally from Ireland, and who has been living in Canada for 20 years, takes her family to church, and afterwards they head to Molly’s parents home for a family dinner, where Carlos and his sisters play with their cousins all afternoon. Theo sometimes misses these occasions, now that he is working as a junior coach, but he feels it is important to have a job, and is hopeful that when he turns 15, he will be promoted to Assistant Coach and be paid, instead of volunteering his time. Carlos’s Dad Javier, died of cancer when he was four years old. It’s been a hard couple of years as the family adjusts, and with the support of their family and friends, things are now getting a bit better. They still stay in touch regularly with their extended family who all live in Peru or California. The grandparents connect at least once a month through skype as do their uncle and his family who live in California. The family hopes to visit Peru in the future, and all the children take Spanish language classes as Molly wants to make sure her children can speak with their Peruvian family and maintain a cultural connection. Molly herself is fluent in both Spanish and French, and she would like her children to follow in her footsteps. Molly often tells the children stories about their Dad, and they have lots of photos of him in their home. Carlos hopes to be a great soccer player one day, just like his Dad and his big brother, Theo, and his Coach tells him he has potential. Considerations to discuss and answer: Who makes up the micro-system? What is currently impactful for Carlos in the techno-subsystem? What relationships exist in the meso-system? Who/what is important to note in the exo-system? What can be included in the macro-system? Think about the timing of life events in terms of Carlos’s age and stage of development, as well as what might be happening in his world. Include your thoughts about Carlos being a bi-racial child. Think of at least three noteworthy influences you would want to be aware of as a CYCP. Given what you now know, what are the strengths of the family? What are some natural support systems?


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