in 50 words or more. 2 statements (they are numbered)

1.The definition is reaching the highest potential. But me personally I think it means learning to accept the positive things in any situation. Accepting and understanding that things happen. I usually live life like that to keep from the troubles of the world driving me crazy. I live life one day at a time and try to look for the positives in any situation and always learn from my experience. I can admit I never set goals I feel like things go wrong when I plan or set goals. I keep things to myself until I accomplish then. When I am faced with a challenge, I break down the situation and figure out the things I can and cannot control. Then figure out the smartest way to handle the situation with the less negative impact. If I did set goals mine would be to buy a house which I am currently collecting and turning in paperwork to get the ball rolling with that. Another goal would be to finish school I feel like I have had a lot of roadblocks the last year of school. So, I have been trying to push myself forward threw that. 2.Self-actualization for me means how we view ourselves and what we are capable of. In my own experiences I can definitely see how I considered this for some of my goals. One of my main goals at the moment is to finally graduate with my bachelors from Phoenix. I began in 2012 and have changed my major three times (not by choice) but I’m so glad I did. I did have to take some time off for financial reasons but then because I was being too stubborn. I think focusing on self-actualization had I known my potential and what I am capable of I could have completed school sooner. Realizing I will not be able to move up in a job, I started 8 years later I have maintained a good GPA and I have really surprised myself. In the past I have been very reactionary when I have a challenge and I think over the years I have really been working on that. I think the jobs I have had have really helped with this especially with not taking things personal. We are here to help those with their own issues so if I cannot manage my own how can I really help them. I’m able to see the bigger picture and process every aspect rather than just respond, I think that can really help with clients in the future as well.


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