Impact Report Start Assignment

A key focus of this course is the UK’s exit from the European Union: Brexit. In Weeks 6-8 we will explore the background, process and outcomes of Brexit. Working individually or in pairs, students will consider the impact of Brexit on particular stakeholder groups, such as Welsh farmers, Scottish politicians or French exporters. In Week 10, you will share your findings with your colleagues in short in-class reports. INSTRUCTIONS: Reflect on what we have learned so far about Brexit, and think about the people and industries that have been affected. Choose one that stands out to you as worth exploring. Decide if you want to partner with someone to explore it. Sign up for it on the sign-up sheet (Links to an external site.). Research your stakeholder and how Brexit has affected them. Prepare a 5-minute presentation to share this information in Week 10. NOTE: You may include up to three minutes of video in your presentation. Upload your slides to this prompt before class in Week 10, and be ready to present! (You may do so in person or remotely.)


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