IKEA’s New Product Development through “Open Sourcing.”

Links to few short news items discuss Ikea’s, and others, new product development foray into open-sourced furniture. In addition to offering furniture that has a specific purpose and function, IKEA plans to introduce multi-functional (or even omni-functional) furniture, called Delaktig, which consumers can modify/adapt to the suit their needs. This move is an effort to embrace a community of Ikea-hackers who share ideas for how to modify IKEA products. Few other startups, such as Ori Systems and Lovesac, are establishing themselves in this niche of furniture industry. News Item 1: IKEA’s ‘open source’ sofa invites customization Download News Item 1: IKEA’s ‘open source’ sofa invites customization (clicking this link will download the item as a PDF file) News Item 2: Shape-shifting “apartment in a box” by MIT and Yves Béhar hits stores next year (includes video on Ori) (Links to an external site) News Item 3: Lovesac’s Sactionals (Links to an external site) Critically analyze the information contained in news articles. Then write well-thought out answers (about 1-3 pages in length, at least 600 words) to questions listed below: How would you describe IKEA’s product development strategy for open-sourced furniture? What are the pros and cons of the concept of open-sourced product development? How does the concept of Ikea’s open-sourced, omni-functional furniture concept compares with furniture systems concept, such as Ori and Lovesac, which are designed with pre-established multi-functionality in mind?


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