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Explain hate crimes and review the various categories that are protected under federal hate crime laws. Why might some groups be protected while others are not? What other categories of individuals or groups who are not protected under the law might be targets for hate crimes? Your research paper should include a definition of hate crime as a crime motivated at least in part by bias. You should review the main categories that are protected under federal hate crime laws, which include race, religion, ethnicity/national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. You should discuss why the laws protect these groups but not others. You should also suggest unprotected categories that could be targets for hate or bias crimes; possible answers could include bias against the homeless, age-related bias, and bias related to political affiliation. Requirements:Your paper must be at least 1500 words.
Please double space your paper and use Times New Roman 12 point font.
Make sure to proofread your paper before submitting.
APA format. Please utilize appropriate citations and references for sources. A minimum of three (3) academic sources is required.
Please include your word count at the end of your assignment.


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