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PLEASE COMPLETE IN WORD For EACH of the following four (4) relationship scenarios, explain the type of relationship being described. Include if it is a healthy relationship or an unhealthy relationship, be sure to explain if this is a family, friendship, or Romantic relationship. Be sure to address any potential conflicts or means of conflict resolution that may be needed for this relationship to succeed. If this is a relationship that potentially may need to end, be sure to identify that as well and explain your reasoning. Sarah and her boyfriend have been living together for the last five years. Sarah wants to get married however her boyfriend has expressed no desire. Overall they have good communication and enjoy spending time with each other, but Sarah is unsure of what to expect in her future. Josiah and his mom have been arguing constantly since his 18th birthday. Josiah feels that he is now a man and does not have to listen to his mother and should be able to do as he pleases. His mother feels that Josiah should still respect her and the rules she has established for her household while he is living there. Krystal’s boyfriend often gets drunk and angry and becomes verbally abusive. He has never physically hurt her, however there have been things he has said that have made her question her own self worth and safety. Brian has changed his entire lifestyle for his new girlfriend. Brian stopped playing sports so that he could assist her in retail management. Brian has even allowed her to move into his place so that she could be closer to work however Brian misses being able to play sports and hang out with his friends. Brian has chosen to give up these things so that his girlfriend can remain comfortable


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