1. Who is Hilton Kelley (1-2 sentences)* 2. List the work that 1. Who is Hilton Kelley (1-2 sentences)* 2. List the work that has he done for environmental justice? (2-3 sentences)* 3. What prize did Hilton Kelley win and explain why the prize is significant? (1-2 sentences)* Part 2: Read the article Symptoms of Adverse Health Effects to answer the below questions. See attached. 1. See Table 2 in article: Which city reported the highest amount of respiratory problems. 2. According to the research article which city reported better health? Part 2a: Use this weeks reading and google maps to answer the following questions. 1. What is a sacrifice zone? 2. Is the school Charlton Pollard Elementary located in Beaumont, TX considered being in a sacrifice zone? Part 3: Answer the following 3 questions. Don’t FORGET to include TWO references or website links to support your research. 1. Research a city in America (not Galveston, Port Arthur or Beaumont) and provide an explanation of an environmental problem impacting the community in (1-2 sentences)*. 2. Summarize the population and location of the identified community (2-3 sentences)*. 3. Explain why the environmental problem is hurting the community (2-3 sentences)*. 4. List at least one organization that is working to help that community and explain what they are doing to help (2-3 sentences)*.


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