have uploaded all the details of this homework. I want my homework to be done in accordance with the rules and delivered 2 days before the due date. You can only quote the SOC Robert Brym and Weberin file I have uploaded without using any other source.If you use sources other than the documents I have uploaded, I will not be able to accept the assignment.

News Analysis 2 social stratification 20% Due date: April 5 Part A. 12 possible marks.Read the assigned chapter from Bryan Turner’s book Classical Sociology; Chapter 12 The Sociology of Stratification. In this chapter the author provides a slightly longer account of the three theories discussed by Brym in our textbook in chapter 6. Choose one of the three theories discussed by Brym (Marx’s conflict theory, pp. 127-30; the functionalist theory of Davis and Moore, pp. 130-1; and Weber’s compromise, 131-132) and compare it to the relevant account given in the Turner chapter. Your comparison should note the following: what specific aspects of the theories do the authors agree on, and where do their accounts differ from each other. Approx. 400 words. Bryan Turner Classical Sociology Chapter 12 The Sociology of Stratification reading page numbers: Marxism and class analysis 221-224 Weber The Sociology of class status and power 224-226 Social Stratification in American Sociology 226-229 Part B. 4 marks per story and explanation: out of 12 You are to find news stories that demonstrate your understanding of the three theories. For each of the theories you need to find a news story (you need to provide a link to the story, and it has to be a news source like a newspaper or a news media website) that captures or illustrates a specific feature of that theory. This involves two components: you need to identify a specific part of the news story and briefly describe how, in your view it is connected to a specific part of the sociological theory (as opposed to how it is connected directly to the issue of stratification or poverty or class etc..) Three theories, three stories. Approx.. 150-200 per story/theory.


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