have a paper for my theories class in sociology. It is a paper that compares Marx, Durkheim, and Weber views on the condition of life and fate of the individual in modern society to an interview with the authors of Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism. I will link all reading and the book that reference the theories. It has to be atleast 3 pages with a reference page. MLA Format.

Separately identify the specific ideas of each theorist as they pertain to specific argument presented by the authors, and Explain how what Marx, Durkheim, and Weber say about modern society and its impact on individuals can best be applied to what the authors say about the United States, American capitalism, and the rising social problems including suicide, drug overdoses, alcoholism, poverty, economic crises, declining wages, despair and lack of meaning in life, unhappiness, and healthcare problems in America. Essay Guidelines 1. Discuss the ideas of each theorist separately in no less than one page (1.5 line space, 1″ margins, and font 12). 2. Discuss Marx first, then Durkheim, and lastly Weber. 3. Avoid rewriting and duplicating the theories from the text and focus on the application of the theories and ideas. For example, instead of rewriting Durkheim’s theory of suicide and discussing his suicide typology, explain how Durkheim’s theory of suicide helps us to understand the causes and the type(s) of high suicide rate in American today as indicated by the authors. 4. Avoid introductions and get to the point. To be clear and to save space, it is best if at the beginning of each page you first write one or two sentences specifying which ideas, theories, and concepts you are discussing, and then start the discussion and application of the theory/concept based on what is presented by Case and Deaton. 5. The due date for the take home essay is Monday March 21 at noon. Submit your essay in a Microsoft Word file through the submission link provided in blackboard. Click on “second exam” in the content area to see the submission link. 6. This exam will constitute 20 percent of your final grade. Likewise, I will allocate 20 points for this essay. Your score will be based on Appropriate identification of theories and concepts as they best relate to the content of the Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism (3 points) Support of argument and clear explanation of how the theories and concepts of your choice best interpret and shed light on any of the social problems discussed in Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism (14 points) Quality of writing including logical presentation, organization and structure, grammatical conventions, punctuation, spelling, and syntax grammar (3 points) https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/usappblog/2021/08/15/book-review-deaths-of-despair-and-the-future-of-capitalism-by-anne-case-and-angus-deaton/ https://www.vox.com/2020/4/15/21214734/deaths-of-despair-coronavirus-covid-19-angus-deaton-anne-case-americans-deaths Classical Social Theories and Modern Society by Edwards Royce (Chapters 4., 5,


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