have a 5 question homework assignment on the book The Stranger. I would like for it to be completed as soon as possible. The questions have to be answered in short answers and if needed quotes from the book can be used

Respond to the following questions with short answers. Where appropriate, use quotes from the novel to support your answers. 1.Briefly describe Meursault’s demeanor and narrative voice in the first part of the book. What kind of person is he? What are his chief interests and concerns? Provide one quoted example that seems to exemplify his general attitude. 2.Colonialism, its conflicts and complications, is only one of many themes of The Stranger. Provide an example of its existence in the story. In other words, how might colonialism connect to Meursault’s journey as a character in the first half of the novel? 3.Early in part two, a magistrate brandishes a crucifix, a cross, in front of Meursault. How does he respond to this? Describe his reaction when the topic of repentance is mentioned. 4.Explain the significance of the story Maman used to tell Meursault about his father. What makes the tale of the execution his father witnessed so vital in the development of Meursault’s thinking? 5.What does Meursault mean at the end of the novel when he says he opened himself to the “gentle indifference of the world”?


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