Future Perspective in Social Work field

Based upon your acquired knowledge of the administrative structure and internship experience with your field agency:Identify an actual position (within your area of specialized practice) for which you would like to qualify for a job upon graduation. MEDICAL SOCIAL WORKER IN A HOSPITAL SETTING IN THE TRAUMA OR ONCOLOGY DEPT
Identify responsibilities and qualifications of that actual position
List key points for a professional reference letter about yourself that could originate with a professor.
List key points for a professional reference letter about yourself that could originate from a supervisor.
Evaluate your readiness to assume this position. State areas in which you need to grow.
Integrate knowledge of the following in answering this question:
making ethical decisions using the various codes of ethics in social work.
issues of diversity, social, economic and environmental justice.
managing personal and professional values in practice;
advocating for individuals, groups, communities that have no voice;
knowledge of social work with individuals, groups, families, organizations, and communities; evidenced based research.
serving people with addictive behaviors in urban communities remaining professional by consistently assessing, reflecting and attending to the personal biases that impact treatment and recovery experiences and influence practice with people with addictive behaviors.
What does competency in urban social work mean as it relates to the position you are applying for?
How does this exercise impact your confidence level as an urban Social Work Professional?


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