For this assignment, find three articles on a topic of choice, read them (more than

For this assignment, find three articles on a topic of choice, read them (more than once), and summarize the content for each one in one well-developed paragraph (i.e., the assignment is three well-developed paragraphs in total). Here are the details for what is required: The Articles: These should be at a level of difficulty, depth, and sophistication appropriate to serve as the basis for an assignment in a course on academic writing. The best assignment generated by poor sources is still a poor assignment. The articles could be from academic journals (e.g., journals based at universities), but they don’t have to be. There is plenty of good material in magazines, and searching through LU Library will lead you to some of that is well (as will searching with Google, though one needs to be selective). The Annotations: If this word suggests “notes,” you could be misled. An annotated bibliography features bibliographic entries (as on a Works Cited page) with a paragraph-length summary of the item (article, in this case) under each entry. As paragraphs, the summaries are naturally written in complete sentences. As stated, these paragraphs need to be “well developed,” which would normally mean half a dozen sentences or quite possibly more. Style: For the purposes of formatting the bibliographic entries, use your textbook (Chapter 20) as a guide to MLA style. For example, if I were writing an entry for one of the articles in your textbook that I mentioned under “Possible Research Options,” the abbreviated style guide in your text indicates that I should format it as follows: Hirshman, Elliot. “Freedom of Speech on Campus Is an Essential Part of College.” Strategies for Successful Writing. James A. Reinking and Robert von der Osten, Pearson, 2020, pp. 567-569. Please take into account that I’m using the hard-copy edition of the text–and also a somewhat uncooperative word-processing program. However, a proper citation for this article, according to your text, would look very close to the above. (If you get yours that close, I won’t complain!) If I were doing the assignment, I would then write the summary paragraph for Hirshman’s article below the entry.


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